Ella Lentini

Ella Lentini (Until Dawn, Disconnect) is an Italian/Peruvian actress, director, writer, born in NYC. She graduated from New York University’s Gallatin school, where she designed a major called “Screenwriting as a Weapon,” emphasizing an approach to filmmaking that is both socially conscious and commercially viable. Ella worked with an Oscar-nominated director for three years before writing and co-starring in her award-winning directorial debut, Piece of Cake, which ended its festival run at HBO’s Outfest with over 2 million trailer views and $10k+ raised through rentals to support LGBTQ youth. Her art-fashion short, Girl Gang, is currently in development for TV.

Ella’s previous clients as an artist & influencer include brands like Sloane & Tate, Hinge, Amazon Kindle, Adolescent Content, Gypsy Warrior, LIFX, Meow Skateboards and KILLSPENCER.

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